Tele Handler - Merlo P2506


Attention to the needs of the customer is highlighted in the range of Merlo compact tele handlers.

In fact these models are very small for use in confined environments or small spaces but at the same time offer high profile performance and unique comfort.

Just think that even the “small one” of the range, the P 25.6 (1 metre eighty in width by 1 metre ninety two in height) uses the same structure as the cab mounted on the larger tele handlers, therefore offering optimal comfort and placing Merlo at the top not only of technology and performance but, especially, comfort.

These features allow the operative to drive the Merlo compact models also for several hours a day both in the building industry and in agriculture maximizing the work.

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Decreased weight and dimensions for great manageability
and lower consumption

Excellent visibility

High ground clearance to be able to work also on land with obstacles on the ground

The most spacious cab on the market

Load Sensing System to reduce consumption and maximize performance

Maximum speed – 40 km/h

Hydrostatic transmission

European rating as agricultural tractor

Steel belt which distributes the weights and eliminates the rear counter-weight

Capacity up to 32 quintals and operating heights up to 8 metres

Tack lock, patented system for quick hooking / unhooking of attachments

Braking on 4 wheels

Specifications for the merlo

Maximum lift height

5.9 m

19.4 feet

Maximum Load Capacity

2500 kg

5511.6 lbs

Hydraulic Capacity

84 l

22.2 gal

Empty Weight

4750 kg

10472 lbs


1.8 m

5.9 feet


3.9 m

12.8 feet


1.92 m

6.3 feet

Engine – Power

75 CV

55.2 kW

Max Speed

36 Km/h

22 mph