Diesel Jet Heater Val 6

The VAL6’s radiant heat penetrates evenly on surface and inside like the sun light. Its performance is unique in the outdoors and unlike forced air heaters, which lose heat from wind and cold air. The infrared rays transfer straight and directly to the object. With the automatic air release valve, VAL6 doesn’t produce odor nor smoke when switching on and off, and radiates only the heat forward. The fuel is mist sprayed and burned 100%. Equipped with standard safety devices including flame monitor, also with safety guard. VAL6 can start up or shut off in seconds and reaches the peak of efficiency in couple of minutes.


Barossa Valley Hire portable diesel powered infrared heater is a robust heater for industrial and event purposes. Infrared heat provides efficient heating as the radiant heat penetrates evenly on and into surfaces just like sunlight. VAL6 Infrared heater models can be used for heating or drying.
Portable infrared heaters are used for localised space heating in large environments and can heat spaces that would otherwise be uneconomical to heat. Infrared heaters work on the same principle as the sun, heating the people and objects the light touches rather than heating the air. Heat is generated by infrared rays that travel at the speed of light producing a highly efficient and low cost source of warmth.
VAL6 Infrared heater models can be used for heating or drying.

Applications Include:


  • Factories
  • Warehouse
  • Workshops
  • Showrooms
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Outbuildings
  • Construction sites
  • Emergency sites
  • Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Outdoor areas for events
  • Indoor areas with high ceilings etc.
  • Drying of paint, adhesives and for drying out damp rooms.


There is nothing like radiant heaters. No smells, no pollution and they are safe for inside or outside use.



Heat Output 111,000 BTU/h 32.5 kw
Nozzle 0.85 gal/h
Fuel Diesel, Kerosene
Tank Capacity 35 L
Power Source 120V 60Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Monitoring System Photocell flame monitor, 3A Fuse
Adjustable Disc Angle Tilts upwards 20 degrees
External Dimension H x W x D 820 x 655 x 732 mm
Dry Weight 38 Kg