Dingo Loader K93 - (Diesel AWD)


A single person operated 4 wheel drive skid steer loader powered by either a diesel or petrol combustion engine that is operated from a standing platform located at the rear of the machine that is suited to confined areas.

Purpose built trailer supplied with hire of Skid steer loader.



• Landscaping including laying of irrigation, cultivating, rotary hoeing soil, or levelling of ground.

• Fencing using the auger attachment for post hole boring.

• Loading of soil, gravel, sand, rubble, mulch and other material placed on pallets using the forklift attachment.


Post hole digger



K9-3 Specification


A. Overall Width                                      (880mm – 1050mm)
B. Overall Length                                   (1565mm)
C. Overall Height                                    (1200mm)
D. Maximum Operating                    (2080mm) Height with 4 in 1 Bucket

E. Turning Radius with                     (1300mm)
4 in 1 Bucket
F. Angle Departure                              (20 degrees)
G. Wheel Base                                          ( 710 – 800mm)
H. Ground Clearance                         (135mm – 175mm)

I. Dump Height (Standard Bucket)               (1240mm)
J. Dump Height With                                       (1750mm)
4 in 1 Bucket
K. Machine Width with                                     (1050mm)
4 in 1 Bucket