Floor Edger


A high performance disc floor sander with a powerful four brush motor that drives a balanced sanding pad that produces a high quality finish on all types of wood flooring, decking and other surfaces.  This unit is completely self contained with a high efficiency dust pickup suitable for use by the professional and homeowner.


Power Supply    220/250V 50/60Hz
110/120V 50/60Hz
Off Load Current    220/250V 5A
110/120V 8A
Load Current (Average)    220/250V 8A
110/120V 15A
Noise    100 dBa at 1m (3’3″)
Vibration    0.033 M² H Aeq8 (8 Hr. RMS )
Switch    Bias Off, double pole.
Motor    Continuous heavy duty AC/DC self cooling four brush.
Motor RPM    13,000
Disc RPM    3,000
Disc    178mm (7″)
Drive    Hardened steel alloy pinion and large diameter aluminium bronze drive gear.
Dust Pick-up    Seated oversized wide blade vacuum fan. Disposable paper dust bags or cloth bag.
Abrasive    178mm (7″) dia. x 22mm (9/10″)dia. centre hole. Recommended abrasive range 24 to 120 grit fibre or paper backed.

Power Cable Length    7m (23′)
Weight    16.4kg (36.2lbs)