Shipping Containers


Storage flexibility is the reason behind the success of the Standard Container range.  The different ways to use these containers are limited only by one’s imagination. Common uses for Standard Containers include moving interstate and overseas, storing personal and household items (either at the customer’s own premises, or the company’s), and for business archiving and records management.

These containers are pest and vermin proof and wind and weatherproof, ensuring the safe storage of goods. Locks and lockboxes are also offered to enhance the security of these containers.

Max Gross Weight

30,480 kg
Tare Weight

2,220 kg
External Length

6056 mm
Internal Length

5898 mm
External Width

2438 mm
Internal Width

2352 mm
External Height

2592 mm

Internal Height

2392 mm
Door Opening Width

2340 mm
Door Opening Height

2280 mm
Cubic Capacity

33.2 cu/m