Plate Compactor CPT 400D DPU

A great compactor for the medium to large job best suited to the contactor due to the weight of this unit you will need special lifting equipment to unloading before using.


Bi-directional control provides ease of control with optimum compaction ability

The iron base plate is designed to ensure excellent stability during operation, and to ensure smooth forward and reverse motions. The reversible plate compactor is suitable for a range of gravel type ground, ensuring compaction of the highest quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Low noise and fuel efficient HATZ® 1B40 diesel engine makes the best engine choice
  • Side panels have been redesigned to increase the amount of airflow while protecting the engine compartment
  • Foldable handle saves space during the transportation process
  • Centrally located lifting hook to ensure safe lifting of the compactor
  • Dual directional travel, increases the maneuverability of the heavy duty compactor
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy maneuvering and handling of the compactor
Specifications for CPT400D
Dimension – LxWxH (mm) 1,050x650x1,256
Operating Weight (kg) 395
Plate Size – DxW (mm) 910×650 (35.8×25.6)
Vibration Frequency (Hz) 70(4,200)
Centrifugal Force (KN) 4588 (45.0)
Compaction Area (m2/h) 912
Max Gradeability (°) 30
Max Working Speed (m/min) 26
Engine Options Hatz 1B40 @ 7.3kW (9.3hp)
4-Stroke Diesel