3 Tonne Double Drum Roller

Working around obstructions? Barossa Valley Hire Ammann ARX23-2 Tandem Roller can make your compaction job easy.

Barossa Valley Hire Ammann ARX23-2 Light Tandem Roller makes it easier to see and work near obstructions. The roller features a new articulation joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to offset configurations, helpful when working close to obstructions. Operators need to watch only one drum, knowing the second will be a safe distance from the obstacle. The in-line drum setting is available when it iss time for productivity in open spaces.


  • Small and medium construction sites
  • City roads
  • Boardwalks
  • City street repairs
  • Road maintenance
  • Driveways

Features an electronic drive lever for smooth starts and stops, which are especially important on asphalt jobs. An adjustable steering joint, which enables quick changes between in-line and offset drums. The Ammann ARX23-2 light tandem roller features an adjustable oscillation articulation joint for easy changes from off-set into in-line drum setting. Also featuring the ACEforce, the Intelligent Compaction tool for optimal efficiency.

The Ammann ARX23-2 tandem roller offers a spacious operator platform with a sliding seat for improved comfort. The simple and reliable dashboard with intuitive machine control helps even inexperienced operators succeed. The operator has optimal all-around machine visibility for safety on the job site.


2.6 Ton Roller (AMMANN ARX26)


Model: ARX26

Drum Width : 1200MM

Drum Offset: 40MM

Rolling width Max: 1240MM

Centrifugal Force (MAX): 47KN

Operating weight: 2650KG