Wacker Tamping Rammer 65kg

Ideal for the tradie or home handy person. This is the perfect machine for compact groundwork in trenches or around training walls. The machine is run on unleaded fuel, easy to transport on one of our purpose-built trollies.



A single person operated tamping rammer that is powered by an economical 4 stoke petrol motor that is easily loaded into your choice of transportation.


Most suitable for compacting cohesive and granular soils in narrow confined area and is ideal for compacting trenches, backfills, asphalt and other patching work.


Operating Weight: 66kg
Dimensions Length: 730mm
Dimensions Width: 370mm
Dimensions Height: 1,070mm
Plate size Length: 340mm
Plate size Width: 285mm
Jumping Stroke: 50-80
Impact Force (max) : 12.7kN, (1,300kgf)
Impact Number per minute: 640-695
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.0 Ltre